Scenkonster – en fasadshow uppåt väggarna!

Av Örebro länsteater och Limelight Projection Mapping & Light Installation

Nu tar vi vår populära fasadshow ett steg vidare! Årets föreställning sker i samarbete med prisbelönta ungerska gruppen Limelight Projection Mapping & Light Installation, som gör bejublad fasadkonst över hela världen. Temat blir ”scenkonster”, där vi kommer att undersöka scenens alla uttryck och använda oss av vår fasad på ett nytt och mera avancerat sätt:


Inspired by the English translation of Örebro’s name our concept refers to its meaning in a metaphoric way in our artistic interpretation.

“Every coin has two sides” – There’s not only one truth everything just depends on the perspective we’re watching it from. In can be out and up can be down we just need to turn around the picture and the opposites will become absolutely true as well.

Taking that basic idea the artwork explores different examples for those two sides of the same coin. At the same time we always stay connected to the city and the theater somehow on our artistic journey. As in all our artworks the facade takes a very important part of the artwork just as the music and the message that we’d like to deliver the audience.

Water and ice, actors and audience, natural and artificial. Contrasts that seem to have opposite meanings but still can and shall be together in harmony. The bridge between the two sides of the penny is art, tolerance and humanity that connects us and creates a world we all would like to live in.

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